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The idea. Marsupial Packaging was founded in 2010. The idea for the product and company grew out of our observation that there were simply not enough good packaging options for products containing ingredients that needed to remain separate until time of consumption. So, whether it was food, beverage, agricultural, sports nutrition, medical and dental applications, or industrial coating, epoxies and adhesives, the common denominator was the same—the need to keep two components of the product separate.

Taking it a step further. Product development was predicated on the need to deliver convenience to the customer and allow the customer to control transportation (i.e. shipping) costs. In other words, if the manufacturer could control the costs of production and shipping, the customer would benefit by getting a fresher, more affordable product. And that, we figured, would be good for everyone!

Watching the trends. Have you noticed that nearly every advertisement promotes the idea of “freshness” and “nutrition” more than ever? Based on this perceived need, it seems to our product development team that there would be a market for packaging that could help meet this market demand.

Voila! And Marsupial Packaging was born. Our future plans include introducing the Marsupial Package to multiple industries. Who knows? We believe this just might be the next best thing after the development of the juice box!

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