Pull & Mix Pouch Packaging That Keeps Food Fresh! 

Innovative two-in-one plastic solutions

The Marsupial Package for food and drink packaging


A collapsible, multi-compartment or two-in-one, plastic package consisting of a flexible outer pouch with a pull tab accessing a breakable inner packet. Imagine the creative market applications for food, beverage and wholesale packaging.

The Marsupial Package is ideal for products where:

  • The ingredients must be kept apart until time of use
  • At least two ingredients must be stored separately for long periods of time
  • Reducing the propensity of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, vitamins, nutrients or ingredients to degrade over time is essential

The Marsupial Package can also be useful where:

  • Mixing liquid and liquid, dry, granular or powder ingredients is important
  • Product fails to retain its initial qualities over time if premixed
  • Ensuring mixture of ingredients in exact proportion is important
  • Ensuring the efficacy of vitamins and nutrients is desired
  • Portability and shelf life are essential qualities
  • Guaranteeing integrity of taste is essential


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